New Designs Available for your Ear Décor Collection

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handmade earrings

custom made earrings

handmade earrings

custom made earrings

handmade jewelry

custom designs

handmade earrings

custom made

custom order


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handmade earrings

custom earrings

earrings made by hand

custom earrings


custom earrings

custom earrings

handmade earrings

earrings handmade

custom earrings

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New Earrings and Designs! :) Hello Beautiful!

Okay after much slacking and procrastination I finally took good pictures of all my new earrings and designs. They are all available to buy, so hit me up and let me know what you like! 🙂


under the sea earrings water drop earrings wire work earrings custom made fancy clear earrings  aqua and silver earrings black blue earrings metal and clear earrings dark blue glass and silver ball earrings pink and white earrings dangle black stone and clear bead earrings red and cream beaded earrings back and red earrings metalic  and aqua earrings blue and white earrings white pearly stone and metal beaded earrings pearl rock and dark blue earrings clear and metal beaded earrings aqua and clear dangle earrings fancy metalic rock and metal swirl earrings classic black and white square earrings drop dangle metal and clear earrings with charm clear diamond shaped beads with silver beads hand made metal designed earrings. custom wire work available custom metal wire earrings, hand formed pirate chest and jolly roger earrings pirate ship anchor silver earrings metal heart and charm earrings custom fancy drop black and clear earrings with silver charm sea horse under the sea charmed earrings


~ Create and be happy!~


New Earrings

Well I finally came up with some new earring designs! 🙂 They are cute and festive. I will be posting pictures soon. Hope everyone is having a great winter! We are finally getting snow and are loving it.

Happy New Year!!

~Create and be Free~

Delicate Earrings

This is my Best Friend Brittany. She is wearing a pair of earrings she got as a gift from me, and I have to say she look fantastic in them 🙂 I custom designed them for her along with a few others that had “Under the Sea” theme to them with lots green and blue beads.

Thank you Brittany for wearing my design! 🙂

brittany wearing earrings

~Happy Creating!~



Handmade Custom Earring Designs!

Check out my new custom Earring Designs! I will take requests on colors shapes and themes! 🙂

Each pair sells for about $6.00. It will depend upon the materials requested by the customer.  Designs that are simple and sleek cost less, around $5.oo.  If you have a request please send me a comment.  I will then make you a sample pair of earrings followed by a picture. Shipping cost, if not local, will apply.


They make great gifts for any time of year!





I look forward to hearing your requests! We are only limited by our imaginations! 

~Happy Creating~


“Playing in the Ocean” ~by Ellen

Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery


The majestic mysterious ocean…waves crashing down…soft sands caressing bare feet…salty mist surrounds your body…the horizon calls your name, beckoning to the hidden pirate deep within your soul…”There is a world of mysteries and undiscovered treasures for me out there” you whisper to yourself.  Reaching out you find yourself grasping for the sunset, yearning to capture each ray and press them into your chest, to forever absorb its glorious beauty.


~Happy Creating~



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Art Sale!! Free shipping on first 5 sold!

Ellen here with Midnight Travellers Art, I would like to let everyone know that all the paintings I have posted are for Sale! 🙂

All the Paintings “by Ellen“, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on the first 5 sold!

Shoot me a comment on any of paintings you like and we can discuss prices. Make me an offer!


We love all our followers and want to offer some great deals! Thanks for all your support! We love you guys!