Earrings for hire!

These little beauties are available to buy now for all your fashion accessory needs!

20171014_16483120171014_09381620171013_065333Let me know what ones I can send your way!

~Happy creating ~


Hunt with the sun at your back

Hot off the press on Amazon is the first published book written by Kris. It is a great table coffee read. Check it out and give it a review. I’m looking forward to reading it over the winter.

~Happy creating~

New hobbies

We here at Midnight Travellers Art have been busy the past year. We have started playing with acrylic paints more, leatherwork, blacksmithing, opening a landscaping business, and much more. We have been away from the site for too long and are excited to get back to it and share with you what we have created.

I look forward to catching up on what you have been doing as well. Hit us up and share with us the new things you have revealed in the incredible world of art!

~Happy Creating~


New Earrings and Designs! :) Hello Beautiful!

Okay after much slacking and procrastination I finally took good pictures of all my new earrings and designs. They are all available to buy, so hit me up and let me know what you like! 🙂


under the sea earrings water drop earrings wire work earrings custom made fancy clear earrings  aqua and silver earrings black blue earrings metal and clear earrings dark blue glass and silver ball earrings pink and white earrings dangle black stone and clear bead earrings red and cream beaded earrings back and red earrings metalic  and aqua earrings blue and white earrings white pearly stone and metal beaded earrings pearl rock and dark blue earrings clear and metal beaded earrings aqua and clear dangle earrings fancy metalic rock and metal swirl earrings classic black and white square earrings drop dangle metal and clear earrings with charm clear diamond shaped beads with silver beads hand made metal designed earrings. custom wire work available custom metal wire earrings, hand formed pirate chest and jolly roger earrings pirate ship anchor silver earrings metal heart and charm earrings custom fancy drop black and clear earrings with silver charm sea horse under the sea charmed earrings


~ Create and be happy!~


New Earrings

Well I finally came up with some new earring designs! 🙂 They are cute and festive. I will be posting pictures soon. Hope everyone is having a great winter! We are finally getting snow and are loving it.

Happy New Year!!

~Create and be Free~