What is an “Artist”?

What is an Artist?

To each and every one of us this has a different meaning and feeling behind the definition.

So what is it to be an “Artist”? Is a person defined as an Artist by what they create and how good it is? Should we leave it up to only the mass public to decide if they are an “Artist” or just a talented person? Is having a Talent make you an artist?

By Wikipedia definition: An Artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts and/or demonstrating an art.  

Considering this, we all have an artist inside of us. Most of us are just unaware of the fact that we have creativity locked away in our brains somewhere waiting to be unleashed onto a canvas, through an instrument, or out of our voice box.

From the point of an acrylic loaded paint brush, to the tip toe of a ballet dancer…We are all artists. Some of us create without realizing how good we are and what our potential is.

Now I know I can draw, write and paint. I have been able to do those things since I was in Highschool. That’s when I got serious about perfecting my drawing style. I would draw circle after circle and eye after eye until it was perfect. When I sit back and think about it now, I am sure there is much more I am capable of in the world of Artistic talent. Although I lack the resources, the time…and the instant skill. It takes a lot of patience to fine tune a new talent. But in the end it is totally worth it. You find yourself in a new realm of creative juices running wild in your head.

I encourage you to embrace your inner artist! Search for him or her and experience the beauty and zen of being an Artist.


What do you think?

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