“To Create by Painting”


To Paint, To create…what does it mean?

We love textures, vibrant colors, striking scenery. We crave to be moved by a painting and feel emotions that linger in the depths of our souls.

By Wikipedia definition: Painting is a mode of expression and the forms are numerous. Drawing, composition or abstraction and other aesthetics may serve to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the practitioner. Paintings can be naturalistic and representational (as in a still life or landscape painting), photographic, abstract, be loaded with narrative content, symbolism, emotion or be political in nature.

Art can be expressed in so many ways like Modernism, Abstract, Impressionism, Photorealism or Surrealism. As a creator of art you embrace the vast array of mediums and pigments forming something purely unique and individual.

Love your inner Artist and embrace the way they see the world.  I love my inner artist, writer, and poet. She is an amazing creature whom I wish never to be without.

Happy Creating Everyone!


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