My Poetry Book “Between the Lines”

“Between the Lines”  written by Ellen Fredrickson

For years now I packed around a little black journal and written down all my thoughts. From the normal to the completely insane thoughts, tormented and tortured, to the peaceful and humbled…it is all there.

Love, hate, joy, death. I have laughed with this book, cried into its pages and held it to my chest when I was all alone. It has been such a comfort to me over the years.

Why did I decide to share it with the world? Well I figured it was about time to let go of all the thoughts that I had kept to myself. It was time…time to put those words in someone elses hands and let them feel it between their fingers.

Freeing myself with words has always been part of me. When I forget to release whats inside, my internal self starts to vibrate and shake a rickety car on a washboard road.

Who knows what will come of putting my thoughts into these pages and onto the shelves of complete strangers.

“The vastness of the mind is only limited by the amount of paper we have to write on.”

~Ellen Fredrickson  ❤


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