“Drive and Devotion”

Do you have the “Drive and devotion” it takes to blow someones mind with your creation that is misunderstood by everyone but you?

Do you have the courage to release the words you hold in your mind, or the pictures the fill the walls of your darkest corners?

I say let them out and show us what you have inside! We are all creatures of the same world and see it in a different light, by unique angles that have abstract twists and turns. Express yourself and feel the creativity flow from your mind and out your pen, paintbrush or sculpting tool.

This I ask you…What is your drive…what are you devoted to? Where does your passion stem from? Do you look towards the heavens or to the earth for your inspiration?

There is no wrong answer, only expression of self. 🙂 Express away, for this is the only place you can do that without worrying about getting punched in the face 😉


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