Kreative Blogger Award

How exciting to be nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award by What is Self Defense! I am so honored, thank you so much!

When I first followed the blog What is Self Defense I was amazed at the information he had available. Personal protection and safety. Awareness and always being prepared are just a few things he talks about. His views on Self Defense are like none other I have seen. Very realistic and easy to understand! I love learning new things from InnerWarriorMA! He also has a course online that teaches his awesome Self Defense course for Women.  Totally worth checking out!

It is my pleasure to nominate 7 other artistic and talented bloggers for this award!

According to What is Self Defense there are a few rules to follow: 🙂

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.

2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting.

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

To complete my part here is 7 interesting things about me:  😀

1. I am pretty clumsy. I trip up the stair on a regular basis and end up flattened half way up laughing at myself.

2. I knit and crochet 🙂 I have only learned to make squares, for some reason circles totally baffle me! They always end up looking like bowls.

3. If I could…I would live barefoot! I love having my toes in the dirt and grass.

4. I like to collect rocks and shells…and sand 🙂 I recently let go of a whole box of rocks I had been packing around for a few 4 years. It was a big moment for me 😉

5. Aside from painting..I draw and write. I was published for the first time when I was in Highschool for my poetry. Writing is an escape for me.

6. I love cake!! I could eat cake everyday! I used to eat it for breakfast when I was little, perfect way to start the day!

7. I am a hopeless romantic. My boyfriend sets my soul a flutter each time he looks at me. Its only been one short year yet it feels like the first day we met. I get shivers of joy when he is near me. It’s like a glowing warmth of overflowing love I feel for him. I love it when he kisses my forehead…he melts me 🙂

Now I am extremely Honored to nominate 7 of my fellow bloggers who show amazing talent and astounding artistic values:

Sassy’s Blog is a versatile blog about many interesting topics. Everything from Social Media, How to Freelance, to crazy cool textures for backgrounds on your blogs. I love her overflowing amount of information she provides!

ivanterzic is a great blog about photography, stories, events and his experiences. It is always new and interesting!

sarah On The Go is a high-spirited blog that offers a lot. She has health post as well as music, fashion and writing. She always has interesting thoughts and ideas.

soundarya ratina singh somvanshi is a creative unique blog with poetry, photographs, and drawings. Very versatile and always interesting. Love seeing the new things she posts.

Lubaluft is a daily iPhoneography project blog. I truly enjoy looking at her new photographs. They are captivating and beautiful. I love the angles that are captured in each photo.

Creative Musings is a writers blog. She has such a magnificent way of writing that is completely intriguing. I love her stories and the way she views the world. Awesome stories on this blog.

Sam’s Blog is a very inspirational blog about a young woman and her daily adventures thoughts and ideas. She uses the blog to express herself and show the world all the wonderful thoughts she has to offer. Great blog!

Thank you to all my fellow bloggers out there who give so much of themselves for all of us to experience and enjoy! You are all unique, talented and admired for your artistic abilities.  



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