~Free yourself with Creating~

There comes a time when you sit back and realize that you have not picked up a pencil in weeks. This feeling does not sit well in the stomach of an artist. Same as the painter to their brush. Without the loving connection, there is a piece missing in their lives.

In the hand of an artist there belongs many tools…Paintbrushes, Pencils, Charcoals, Pens, Spray paint, Airbrush, Chisels..whatever the hand desires to hold.

Inspiration can be drawn from your “Mistress”, a “Dark Maiden”, the “Prince of the Night”, the “Tormenting Nightmare”, or a “Revealing Dream”. 

Your world is all your own and thus so is the inspiration you draw from  it.  As each foot travels the path and progresses on its journey so brings with it the destiny of creation.  

We see not always with our eyes as creativity floods our veins. Hands move as if independently thinking, forming patterns we have only dreamed of. Fluid movements free of flaw, seemless uncorrupted beauty, and majestic lands from beyond touch the boundaries of realism exploding into a world unknown by man.

To let your hand lead the way…

Glide with your inner artist and fly with the eagles

Take the dive swimming in the deep blue seas hand in hand with your creation.



What do you think?

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