~Doodle with a Sharpie~

I wanted to share a doodle I did with a sharpie.

I love working with markers even though after an hour

I get a quite light headed ūüėÄ


Happy Creating~



“Playing in the Ocean” ~by Ellen

Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery


The majestic mysterious ocean‚Ķwaves crashing down‚Ķsoft sands caressing bare feet‚Ķsalty mist surrounds your body‚Ķthe horizon calls your¬†name, beckoning to the hidden pirate deep¬†within your soul‚Ķ‚ÄĚThere is a world of¬†mysteries and undiscovered treasures¬†for me out there‚ÄĚ you whisper to yourself.¬†¬†Reaching out you find yourself grasping for the sunset,¬†yearning to¬†capture each ray and press¬†them into your chest, to forever¬†absorb its glorious beauty.


~Happy Creating~



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Art Sale!! Free shipping on first 5 sold!

Ellen here with Midnight Travellers Art, I would like to let everyone know that all the paintings I have posted are for Sale! ūüôā

All the Paintings “by Ellen“, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on the first 5 sold!

Shoot me a comment on any of paintings you like and we can discuss prices. Make me an offer!


We love all our followers and want to offer some great deals! Thanks for all your support! We love you guys!