~Doodle with a Sharpie~

I wanted to share a doodle I did with a sharpie.

I love working with markers even though after an hour

I get a quite light headed 😀


Happy Creating~



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~Mermaid by marker~





























One of my doodles I did a few years back. I have a habit of drawing with sharpies and marker pens. I love the way they move and the textures you can get.


Happy Creating!!


“Fairy of Beauty” by Ellen

“Fairy of Beauty”

by: Ellen Fredrickson


She glides with beauty untold

Singing songs of mystery into your hungry ears

She pours her light upon your weary head

Easing your pains as you sleep.

Fairy of Beauty…do not pass me by…


Original 8 x 11 Pencil Drawing

Artist: Ellen

“Bathed in Light” by Ellen

Bathed in light she lay on the ground. The red light of the glowing from the sky is of her sisters on distant planets watching over her. The light surrounds her holding her in comfort. From the ground flows the essence of her dreams.

17 x 14 Pencil and color pencil drawing

Artist: Ellen

“Woman of mine” by Ellen

This is about a 12in x 24in pencil drawing.


She is my woman…maybe the way I invision myself… Each item on her represents something about my inner self.


The English Ivy around her right arm represents my childhood, how I love nature and my mothers love. The Barbed wire around the left arm is representative of the thorns that have been in my life and what I have survived…coming out stronger in the end. The cloth across her chest symbolizes the vail of vanity we all carry within ourselves. The loops in her bottom lip represent my boyfriend…the love of my life, and the keeper of my heart. The jagged cloth hugging my hips represents the beginning of a mermaids tail. I have always wanted to be a mermaid. They are beautiful, seductive and graceful.



Thank you to my Followers

I wanted to send a special Thank you to my followers! You guys are so wonderful, I appreciate you taking the time and looking at my pictures and posts. I enjoy each and every one of your blogs as well. You are all so unique and have an individual way of looking at the world.

It has always been a goal of mine to try and see the world through as many eyes as I can. I love how you all see the world and how you express it though your art and writtings.

So from the bottom of our hearts Thank you all so much! I look forward to all of your new posts!

Happy creating to you all!


~Midnight Travellers Art~