Delicate Earrings

This is my Best Friend Brittany. She is wearing a pair of earrings she got as a gift from me, and I have to say she look fantastic in them ūüôā I custom designed them for her along with a few others that had “Under the Sea” theme to them with lots¬†green and blue beads.

Thank you Brittany for wearing my design! ūüôā

brittany wearing earrings

~Happy Creating!~




Handmade Custom Earring Designs!

Check out my new custom Earring Designs! I will take requests on colors shapes and themes! ūüôā

Each pair sells for about $6.00. It will depend upon the materials requested by the customer.  Designs that are simple and sleek cost less, around $5.oo.  If you have a request please send me a comment.  I will then make you a sample pair of earrings followed by a picture. Shipping cost, if not local, will apply.


They make great gifts for any time of year!





I look forward to hearing your requests! We are only limited by our imaginations! 

~Happy Creating~


“Playing in the Ocean” ~by Ellen

Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery


The majestic mysterious ocean‚Ķwaves crashing down‚Ķsoft sands caressing bare feet‚Ķsalty mist surrounds your body‚Ķthe horizon calls your¬†name, beckoning to the hidden pirate deep¬†within your soul‚Ķ‚ÄĚThere is a world of¬†mysteries and undiscovered treasures¬†for me out there‚ÄĚ you whisper to yourself.¬†¬†Reaching out you find yourself grasping for the sunset,¬†yearning to¬†capture each ray and press¬†them into your chest, to forever¬†absorb its glorious beauty.


~Happy Creating~



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Art Sale!! Free shipping on first 5 sold!

Ellen here with Midnight Travellers Art, I would like to let everyone know that all the paintings I have posted are for Sale! ūüôā

All the Paintings “by Ellen“, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on the first 5 sold!

Shoot me a comment on any of paintings you like and we can discuss prices. Make me an offer!


We love all our followers and want to offer some great deals! Thanks for all your support! We love you guys!


~A Mask for the Ball~ by Ellen

Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery

A mystical ball awaits your arrival.

The ballroom is decked with fine silks and elegant flowers,

The walls are drapped with rich hand embroidered tapestries.

Every corner of the dance hall is covered with enchanted beauty.

Your prince awaits, may all your dreams come true.


I had fun with this piece and was trying my hand and paper mache for the first time in a long time. The medium that I choose was Acrylic. It was fun to see how the paints moved on the paper mache, and the canvas. To see a picture pop out of the canvas was fantastic.

If you are interested in this piece drop me a note ūüôā

Embrace the world of art around you! And please share with me what you have created lately. I would love to see your talent put to paper, canvas or whatever your medium may be!

Happy Creating!


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~Mermaid by marker~





























One of my doodles I did a few years back. I have a habit of drawing with sharpies and marker pens. I love the way they move and the textures you can get.


Happy Creating!!


~Free yourself with Creating~

There comes a time when you sit back and realize that you have not picked up a pencil in weeks. This feeling does not sit well in the stomach of an artist. Same as the painter to their brush. Without the loving connection, there is a piece missing in their lives.

In the hand of an artist there belongs many tools…Paintbrushes, Pencils, Charcoals, Pens, Spray paint, Airbrush, Chisels..whatever¬†the hand desires to hold.

Inspiration can be drawn from your “Mistress”, a¬†“Dark¬†Maiden”,¬†the¬†“Prince of the Night”,¬†the “Tormenting¬†Nightmare”,¬†or a “Revealing Dream”.¬†

Your world is all your own and thus so is the inspiration you draw from  it.  As each foot travels the path and progresses on its journey so brings with it the destiny of creation.  

We see not always with our eyes as creativity floods our veins. Hands move as if independently thinking, forming patterns we have only dreamed of. Fluid movements free of flaw, seemless uncorrupted beauty, and majestic lands from beyond touch the boundaries of realism exploding into a world unknown by man.

To let your hand lead the way…

Glide with your inner artist and fly with the eagles

Take the dive swimming in the deep blue seas hand in hand with your creation.