~A Mask for the Ball~ by Ellen

Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery

A mystical ball awaits your arrival.

The ballroom is decked with fine silks and elegant flowers,

The walls are drapped with rich hand embroidered tapestries.

Every corner of the dance hall is covered with enchanted beauty.

Your prince awaits, may all your dreams come true.


I had fun with this piece and was trying my hand and paper mache for the first time in a long time. The medium that I choose was Acrylic. It was fun to see how the paints moved on the paper mache, and the canvas. To see a picture pop out of the canvas was fantastic.

If you are interested in this piece drop me a note 🙂

Embrace the world of art around you! And please share with me what you have created lately. I would love to see your talent put to paper, canvas or whatever your medium may be!

Happy Creating!


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~Mermaid by marker~





























One of my doodles I did a few years back. I have a habit of drawing with sharpies and marker pens. I love the way they move and the textures you can get.


Happy Creating!!


~Free yourself with Creating~

There comes a time when you sit back and realize that you have not picked up a pencil in weeks. This feeling does not sit well in the stomach of an artist. Same as the painter to their brush. Without the loving connection, there is a piece missing in their lives.

In the hand of an artist there belongs many tools…Paintbrushes, Pencils, Charcoals, Pens, Spray paint, Airbrush, Chisels..whatever the hand desires to hold.

Inspiration can be drawn from your “Mistress”, a “Dark Maiden”, the “Prince of the Night”, the “Tormenting Nightmare”, or a “Revealing Dream”. 

Your world is all your own and thus so is the inspiration you draw from  it.  As each foot travels the path and progresses on its journey so brings with it the destiny of creation.  

We see not always with our eyes as creativity floods our veins. Hands move as if independently thinking, forming patterns we have only dreamed of. Fluid movements free of flaw, seemless uncorrupted beauty, and majestic lands from beyond touch the boundaries of realism exploding into a world unknown by man.

To let your hand lead the way…

Glide with your inner artist and fly with the eagles

Take the dive swimming in the deep blue seas hand in hand with your creation.


“Night Lava” by: Kris


24 x 30 Original Oil Painting

This incredible Oil painting is filled with stunning colors and textures. It is amazing to stand next to this piece. I am definitely in Love with this one.  Kris pulled this one of a kind painting from his beautiful mind and is sharing it with us all.

If you are interested in any of our art, please drop us a note and follow us on Facebook! 🙂

Thank you for following us and admiring our work!

Happy Creating!!

Artist: Kris

“Fairy of Beauty” by Ellen

“Fairy of Beauty”

by: Ellen Fredrickson


She glides with beauty untold

Singing songs of mystery into your hungry ears

She pours her light upon your weary head

Easing your pains as you sleep.

Fairy of Beauty…do not pass me by…


Original 8 x 11 Pencil Drawing

Artist: Ellen

“Aurora Borealis” by: Kris

16×20 Original Oil Painting

The beautiful Aurora Borealis shines in the midnight sky singing songs of the ancestors of old.

If you are interested in this piece please drop us a note and visit us on Facebook to see more of our collection, and discuss pricing.

Thank you so much for admiring our art!

Artist: Kris

“Bathed in Light” by Ellen

Bathed in light she lay on the ground. The red light of the glowing from the sky is of her sisters on distant planets watching over her. The light surrounds her holding her in comfort. From the ground flows the essence of her dreams.

17 x 14 Pencil and color pencil drawing

Artist: Ellen

“Dr. Seuss Trees” by: Kris

16 x 20 Oil Painting

This Dr. Seuss tree painting is full of vibrant colors and textures. The trees seem to pop out of the canvas reaching out to you, inviting you into a world of adventure and excitement.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting please drop us a note and we can discuss pricing and shipping.

Thank you for admiring our art!

Artist: Kris




Meditate in Art

To Meditate in Art…is an Art in itself

~To find the “Zen” place where your complete center reached, with all the thoughts of the mortal mind vanishing~

~To rest in the silence of creation, listening only to the breath filling and leaving your lungs~

~To see the mystical endless universe pouring onto the white slate you have prepared~


It is time to let the art take you away into this beyond peaceful state of meditation of art. There are many forms of meditate.

By Wiki definition to meditate is  any form of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit.

The history of meditation is intimately bound up with the religious context within which it was practiced.

I believe meditation is very important. I do not practice it traditionally or even regularly but I do find that while reading my Bible, creating art, writing, and being out in the woods I am able to mediate and have a mind clear of chatter. Mental chatter is a nuisance and distracting. If we can find more ways to Meditate, wether it be by artistically, religiously, or by nature it has more benefits that we could imagine.

Where and How do you “Meditate” or find the “Zen” in your life?

I welcome your input. I would love to hear how you Meditate in Art! 🙂