Earrings for hire!

These little beauties are available to buy now for all your fashion accessory needs!

20171014_16483120171014_09381620171013_065333Let me know what ones I can send your way!

~Happy creating ~


Winter Designs for your Ear Décor!

All earrings are available to decorate your ears with! Prices range from $5to $10. All of the above are at the $5 price.

~Happy Creating~


Handmade Custom Earring Designs!

Check out my new custom Earring Designs! I will take requests on colors shapes and themes! 🙂

Each pair sells for about $6.00. It will depend upon the materials requested by the customer.  Designs that are simple and sleek cost less, around $5.oo.  If you have a request please send me a comment.  I will then make you a sample pair of earrings followed by a picture. Shipping cost, if not local, will apply.


They make great gifts for any time of year!





I look forward to hearing your requests! We are only limited by our imaginations! 

~Happy Creating~