New Earrings and Designs! :) Hello Beautiful!

Okay after much slacking and procrastination I finally took good pictures of all my new earrings and designs. They are all available to buy, so hit me up and let me know what you like! 🙂


under the sea earrings water drop earrings wire work earrings custom made fancy clear earrings  aqua and silver earrings black blue earrings metal and clear earrings dark blue glass and silver ball earrings pink and white earrings dangle black stone and clear bead earrings red and cream beaded earrings back and red earrings metalic  and aqua earrings blue and white earrings white pearly stone and metal beaded earrings pearl rock and dark blue earrings clear and metal beaded earrings aqua and clear dangle earrings fancy metalic rock and metal swirl earrings classic black and white square earrings drop dangle metal and clear earrings with charm clear diamond shaped beads with silver beads hand made metal designed earrings. custom wire work available custom metal wire earrings, hand formed pirate chest and jolly roger earrings pirate ship anchor silver earrings metal heart and charm earrings custom fancy drop black and clear earrings with silver charm sea horse under the sea charmed earrings


~ Create and be happy!~



New Earrings

Well I finally came up with some new earring designs! 🙂 They are cute and festive. I will be posting pictures soon. Hope everyone is having a great winter! We are finally getting snow and are loving it.

Happy New Year!!

~Create and be Free~

“Playing in the Ocean” ~by Ellen

Local Art Coeur d Alene Gallery


The majestic mysterious ocean…waves crashing down…soft sands caressing bare feet…salty mist surrounds your body…the horizon calls your name, beckoning to the hidden pirate deep within your soul…”There is a world of mysteries and undiscovered treasures for me out there” you whisper to yourself.  Reaching out you find yourself grasping for the sunset, yearning to capture each ray and press them into your chest, to forever absorb its glorious beauty.


~Happy Creating~



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~Mermaid by marker~





























One of my doodles I did a few years back. I have a habit of drawing with sharpies and marker pens. I love the way they move and the textures you can get.


Happy Creating!!


“Night Lava” by: Kris


24 x 30 Original Oil Painting

This incredible Oil painting is filled with stunning colors and textures. It is amazing to stand next to this piece. I am definitely in Love with this one.  Kris pulled this one of a kind painting from his beautiful mind and is sharing it with us all.

If you are interested in any of our art, please drop us a note and follow us on Facebook! 🙂

Thank you for following us and admiring our work!

Happy Creating!!

Artist: Kris

“Aurora Borealis” by: Kris

16×20 Original Oil Painting

The beautiful Aurora Borealis shines in the midnight sky singing songs of the ancestors of old.

If you are interested in this piece please drop us a note and visit us on Facebook to see more of our collection, and discuss pricing.

Thank you so much for admiring our art!

Artist: Kris

“Bathed in Light” by Ellen

Bathed in light she lay on the ground. The red light of the glowing from the sky is of her sisters on distant planets watching over her. The light surrounds her holding her in comfort. From the ground flows the essence of her dreams.

17 x 14 Pencil and color pencil drawing

Artist: Ellen

“Dr. Seuss Trees” by: Kris

16 x 20 Oil Painting

This Dr. Seuss tree painting is full of vibrant colors and textures. The trees seem to pop out of the canvas reaching out to you, inviting you into a world of adventure and excitement.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting please drop us a note and we can discuss pricing and shipping.

Thank you for admiring our art!

Artist: Kris




“Soothing Sunset” by Ellen

16 x 20 Original Oil painting

This soothing sunset shines it soft yellows rays upon the silent mountains. The soft glow of crimson and the deep blue tell of the night adventures to come.

If you are interested in this piece please drop us a note and we will discuss prices and framing if so desired.

Thank you for admiring our art!

Artist: Ellen

“The Passage” by Kris

16 x 20 Original Oil Painting

A passage way through the silent fogs and whispering trees, to a destination you have created with each step you take.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece please drop us a note. It was painted on February 11th and will be wet for a bit longer. 🙂

Thank you for admiring our art! Happy Creating!!

Artist: Kris