~Doodle with a Sharpie~

I wanted to share a doodle I did with a sharpie.

I love working with markers even though after an hour

I get a quite light headed 😀


Happy Creating~



“Night Lava” by: Kris


24 x 30 Original Oil Painting

This incredible Oil painting is filled with stunning colors and textures. It is amazing to stand next to this piece. I am definitely in Love with this one.  Kris pulled this one of a kind painting from his beautiful mind and is sharing it with us all.

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Thank you for following us and admiring our work!

Happy Creating!!

Artist: Kris

“Aurora Borealis” by: Kris

16×20 Original Oil Painting

The beautiful Aurora Borealis shines in the midnight sky singing songs of the ancestors of old.

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Thank you so much for admiring our art!

Artist: Kris

“Bathed in Light” by Ellen

Bathed in light she lay on the ground. The red light of the glowing from the sky is of her sisters on distant planets watching over her. The light surrounds her holding her in comfort. From the ground flows the essence of her dreams.

17 x 14 Pencil and color pencil drawing

Artist: Ellen

“Soothing Sunset” by Ellen

16 x 20 Original Oil painting

This soothing sunset shines it soft yellows rays upon the silent mountains. The soft glow of crimson and the deep blue tell of the night adventures to come.

If you are interested in this piece please drop us a note and we will discuss prices and framing if so desired.

Thank you for admiring our art!

Artist: Ellen

“Bonsai” by Kris








11 x 14 Original Oil Painting

A simple yet stunning Bonsai tree rested a top a cliff invites the imagination to sit and rest under its subtle beauty.  Soft Tones of blue and grays hold the tree in silence.

All of our painting are for sale and if you are interested in any of them please drop us a note. We will also frame the paintings, for an additional cost, before shipping if so desired.

Thank you for your interest in our art! We appreciate all you art lovers out there!

Artist: Kris

“Blood River” by Kris

16 x 20 original oil on canvas

This stunning Blood Red River is an amazing portrayal of the depths your mind can take you. Listen to the silence of the birch trees as the crimson river flows by.  This is one of our favorite pieces.

We will custom frame this Oil Painting if you desire. Please drop us a message and we will work out the cost.

If you would like this shipped outside of the United States, please contact us and we will calculate shipping.

Thank you

Artist:  Kris

Thank you to my Followers

I wanted to send a special Thank you to my followers! You guys are so wonderful, I appreciate you taking the time and looking at my pictures and posts. I enjoy each and every one of your blogs as well. You are all so unique and have an individual way of looking at the world.

It has always been a goal of mine to try and see the world through as many eyes as I can. I love how you all see the world and how you express it though your art and writtings.

So from the bottom of our hearts Thank you all so much! I look forward to all of your new posts!

Happy creating to you all!


~Midnight Travellers Art~

“Celestial Fire” by Kris

16 x 20 stretched canvas. 

Original oil painting.

A play on the aurora borealis or northern lights over open water. 

We will frame this Oil Painting if you desire. If so please message us and we will work out the cost.

If you would like anything shipped outside of the U.S. please contact us for details.

Thank you
Artist: Kris